Culinary tips

  • And why not replace sugar by a true product from nature that is honey. In pastry, in tea and coffee, in yoghurt..
  • How to combine honey with cheese? Here are some suggestions:
  • acacia honey: with hot gorgonzola and stilton
  • eucalyptus honey: sheep cheeses like medium ripe pecorino
  • thyme honey: matured cow cheeses like ragusano or caciocavallo
  • orange honey: cheeses made from the 'pasta filata' method like mozzarella or soft scamorza
  • pine honey: fresh cheeses or yoghurt, smoked camorza
  • linden honey: mountain cheeses like mature toma, bagoss, bitto from Valtellina
  • dandelion and apple honey: especially goats cheeses

Practical info

  • Honeys in 28g jars: upon request per box of 96 mini jars
  • Honeys in 250g jars, per box of 6 jars
  • Acacia honey in squeezer type bottle of 1kg
  • Honeys in squeezer type bottles of 250g, in boxes of 15: acacia (soft) - wild flower (medium) - chestnut(strong)
  • Serving utensils in metal or plexiglass

Points of sale

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Monofloral honeys can only be found in vast areas of land, such as Italy. Every year Andrea looks for the right places to place his beehives from northern Trento to southern Sicily.

La Tomaterie


In short
  • Acaciahoney (acacia) from Trentino-alto Adige & Veneto, harvest May: with goats and sheep cheeses, herbal cheeses, all mature cheeses
  • Honeysuckle (sulla) from Calabria, harvest May: in sour dough and pastry
  • Wild flower honey (millefiori): in cakes, ice cream and panna cotta
  • Fir honey (melata d'abete) from Trentino-alto-Adige, harvest July/August: on toast, black bread with salted butter
  • Linden honey (tiglio) from Trentino-alto-Adige, oogst end of June: with all types of tea, herbal tea and infusions
  • Forest honey dew (melata di bosco) from Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, harvest July/August: in warm milk and coffee, with gluhwein
  • Alpine flowers honey (fiore delle Alpi) from Trentino, harvest July/August: in yoghurt, fruit salad and smoothies
  • Sun flower honey (girasole) from Molise, harvest June/July : in soups and stocks
  • Coriander honey (coriandolo): in egg-based preparations, in tempura
  • Eucalyptus honey (eucalipto) from Basilicata, harvest July: with roasted vegetables
  • Wild carrot honey (carota selvatica): in a classic 'soffritto' (carrot-oignon-celery fry)
  • Orange blossom honey (arancio), from Basilicata, harvest April: with olive oil and lemon in a vinaigrette to serve with raw vegetables
  • Dandelion honey (tarassaco) from Trentino-Alto-Adige, harvest May: in an emulsion with vinegar, with roasted meats
  • Thistle honey (cardo) from Sicily, harvest June/July: in a tuna based sauce, in a mayonnaise
  • Chestnut honey (castagno), from Trentino-Alto-Adige, harvest June/July: with ricotta and parmigiano reggiano
  • Alpine honey: honey with essential oils of pine including a piece of pine coming from the small nature reserve up on the hills near Mielithun
  • Apple honey (melo) from Trentino-Alto-Adige, harvest May: in marinated poultry and game meats
  • Thyme honey (timo) from Sicily, harvest June/July: mix with fresh herbs to marinate fish