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Quality to me means ‘tantissime cose’: it is a holistic vision of an idea. Just like in a game of chess, talent, imagination, knowledge of the rules and perseverance are vital to reach quality and success

Andrea Paternoster

In a nutshell
  • Andrea passed away in a car accident in april 2022: the world stood still. Now his daughters Elena and Francesca are continuing his work with remarkable passion.
  • Together with a handful of colleagues Francesca looks after 1200 beehives all over Italy down to Sicily and Sardegna.
  • From March until September the more than 15 different mono floral honeys are harvested in more than two thirds of the 20 Italian regions.
  • Matteo Matteucci has been Mielithun's driving commercial and culinary force. Ask Matteo anything about the values of the different Mielithun honeys and he'll make you want to use them all day long.