Culinary tips

  • Thinly sliced with a knife or machine
  • Heated up in the oven, and why not with 'patate al forno'?

Practical info

  • Ingredients: meat from Italian pig, salt, pepper, garlic, fennel pollen, chili, rosemary

  • Only available by special order
  • Between 10 & 14kg
  • Best before: upto 30 days, not vacuum packed

Points of sale

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In short
  • Pigs from Emilia-Romagna, Lazio, Umbria
  • My porchetta is more a tronchetto', a big piece cut from the porc ribs and belly
  • After deboning I cut off some of the fat until my tronchetto is evenly square or rectangular
  • I massage the tronchetto with salt from Cervia and a well balanced range of Italian spices
  • I truss the meat and slowly cook it at different temperatures for about 8 hours in total