Culinary tips

  • At its best when heated up until brown & crispy
  • Use as a pizza base, eat with some cheese or ham,
  • serve as a tapa

Practical info

  • Avaiable in 250g small bags (half moon shape)
  • Or in 450g bags (moon shape)
  • Once opened, close properly after use

Points of sale


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Taking out the dough which is blowing up in the oven at the right time: a matter of practice and experience!

Francesca Pau

In short
  • Ingredients: durum wheat flour, water, salt and yeast
  • Also called 'pan e fresa or carta da musica', a typically Sardegnan bread that pastors used to bring with them to their land
  • Making pane carasatu is not only difficult, it requires a lot of patience and work. Could that be an explanation for the fact that it is primarily a woman's job?
  • The best pane carasatu is made in a wood fired oven