Culinary tips

  • Tajarin or tagliolini: in butter and with parmigiano reggiano or with some fresh truffle flakes on top
  • Pappardelle: with braised rabbit or duck
  • Tagliatelle: with sautéed chanterelles or other fresh fungi

Practical info

  • Tagliatelle 250g
  • Tagliatelle spelt 250g
  • Tagliolini 250g
  • Tajarin 250g
  • Pappardelle 250g
  • Sfoglia lasagna 250g
  • Egg pasta with special herbs or tastes on request: truffle, funghi porcini, barolo/juniper berries/laurel, rosemary, radicchio Treviso, tomato, squid ink

Points of sale

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Mix an adequate number of eggs and types of flower at the right moment and at the right speed: that's the secret of our egg pasta

Marco Giacosa

In short
  • lots of eggs, but easy to digest
  • short cooking time
  • made of only flours of common wheat from the northern Langhe and durum wheat from the south of Italy
  • in April 2017, the Giaosa family opened their new trattoria in a renovated elementary school on the hills in Barbaresco in southern Piemonte