Culinary tips

  • bruschetta (pelati), arrabbiata (piccanti), fish (passati and prunilli), fresh pasta (corbara), dried pasta (salsa)

  • Did you know ....
  • that most fresh tomatoes in the supermarket are glass house tomatoes out of season, even the Italian ones?
  • that most fresh tomatoes are green harvested and transported in cooling trucks to your store or supermarket?
  • that the taste of tomatoes depends on its 'terroir' and the level of ripeness at the time of picking?
  • that the plants of most Italian tomatoes come from France and Germany?
  • that cans of tomatoes labeled 'made in Italy' often contain Chinese tomatoes? the 'made in Italy' label can be used as long as the product is 'canned' in Italy

Practical info

  • Pomodori pelati 314ml, 700ml, 1062ml
  • Pomodori passati 314ml, 700ml, 1062ml
  • Pomodori passati prunilli 314ml, 700ml
  • Pomodori passati piccanti 314ml, 700ml
  • Salsa tradizionale, verdure, peperone 314ml
  • Pomodorini pelati Corbara 700ml
  • Conserva di pomodoro 100ml

Points of sale

  • Fruit & Groente Van der Voorde
  • De Dis
  • Cru Eylenbosch
  • Divers
  • Foodemotions
  • Fred the Finest Market
  • Louisiana
  • Rob
  • SA Club Vinitaly
  • Traiteur Pandin
  • Wijnhandel Châteaux Vini
  • Saveurs


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La Tomaterie defends our values, a perfect partner

Paolo Petrilli

In short
  • Artisanal, organic, nature friendly growing
  • Autochtonous varieties: torremaggiorese, san marzano, prunillo, corbara
  • Re-use of own tomato pits. Every tomato is a descendant of a Petrilli estate tomato
  • Late harvest from the end of July to mid September: tomatoes ripen as long as possible
  • Mamma’s of the region peel the tomatoes, fill the jars, use their magical working hands
  • Basil is grown on the Petrilli estate, no salt, no conservatives
  • Short pasteurising enhances the fresh tomato taste