Culinary tips

  • In a salad
  • In a desert
  • In ice cream
  • In a pesto (in stead of basil)

Practical info

  • Peeled pistacchio's available upon request

  • Unrefined and unsweetened pistacchio paste: available in pots of 1kg
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Buy straight after the harvest, that's your best guarantee for the lowest price

Minouche Cooreman

In short
  • The Bronte pistacchio grows in a lava terroir on the Sicilian Etna hills
  • Harvested every 2 years, 2019 is the latest harvest year - from eind of August till September, only by hand
  • How do you recognize a Bronte pistacchio? (1) elungated form rather than round (2) intense green colour due to its high level of chlorofyl (3) rather sweet taste - never buy a salted Bronte pistacchio (4) label reads 'pistacchio sgusciato 100% di pistacchio verde di Bronte DOP'