Culinary tips

  • Red wine vinegar: in what Italians call the classic 'pinzimonio', a simple mixture of olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper
  • White wine vinegar: in pickles, chutneys, marinades
  • Apple vinegar: highly recommended with ice cream, especially 'fior di latte'

Practical info

  • Organic lambrusco red wine vinegar 50cl - box of 12
  • Organic malvasia white wine vinegar 50cl - box of 12
  • Organic balsamela apple vinegar 25cl - box of 6

Points of sale

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Patience is a virtue: our vinegars keep their original, natural aroma's and are not dominanted by wood chipping or other added flavours

Andrea Bezzecchi

In short
  • Wines slowly ferment without any mechanical intervention
  • Vinegars are not diluted with water, are not filtered nor pasteurised
  • Red wine vinegar made from Andrea's own lambrusco grapes
  • White wine vinegar made from malvasia grapes
  • Apple vinegar made from different apple varieties from northern Trentino